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シクシク痛かったので How are you ? と聞かれたときに so so と答えてみました。
案の定 Why? と聞かれたので 予め調べておいた the runs と言うと通じず。
Web翻訳で検索し Diarrhea とチャットに書いてようやく理解してもらえました。



extinct と exist が似ているのでどっちがどっちだかわからなくなり

Diarrhea ⇒ 下痢
tummy ⇒ お腹(腸)



What's the past of drive?
The past of drive is drove.

Did your dad drive you to your grandparents last month?
No, my dad didn't drive me to my grandparents last month.

When was the last time your dad drive a car?
The last time my dad drove a car was five years ago.

What's the past of ride?
The past of ride is rode.

Did your best friend ride your bike last summer?
No, my best friend didn't ride my bike last summer.

Did you ride on a bus yesterday?
Yes, I rode on a bus yesterday.

What's the past of understand?
The past of understand is understood.

Did you and your best friend understand each other well last year?
Yes, my best friend and I understood each other very well last year.


Where can we see how people lived a thousand years ago?
We can see how people lived a thousand years ago in a museum.

What kind of things can we see in a museum?
The kind of things we can see in a museum are old clothes, old furniture and other thins that people used in the past.

How many museums are there in your home town?
There are five museums in my home town.

When was the last time you went to a museum?
The last time I went to a museum was five years ago.

Was it in your home town?
Yes, it was in my home town.

What kind of occasion did you go there?
The kind of occasion on which I went there holidays.

When an animal is extinct, does it mean we can find it on earth?
No, when an animal is extinct we can't find it on earth.

When we say that some cheetahs exist in their national environment, does it mean they are alive?
Yes, when we say that some cheetahs exist in their national environment it means they are alive.

Will we find any dinosaurs in the zoo or in a circus?
No, we won't find any dinosaurs in the zoo or in a circus.

Do any dinosaurs exist today?
No, no dinosaurs exist today, but they're all extinct.

What can we see dinosaurs nowadays?
We can see dinosaurs in a museum.

Did dinosaurs exist about ten million years ago?
No, dinosaurs didn't exist about ten million years ago, but they existed about sixty million years ago.

Did all dinosaurs eat meat?
No, not all dinosaurs ate meat, but some ate meat and some ate leaves.

Could some dinosaurs fly?
Yes, some dinosaurs could fly.


What kind of house do we build from ice and snow?
The kind of house we build from ice and snow is an igloo.

What kind of house can we build of wood?
The kind of house we can build of wood is a cottage.

What do we call the arms of a tree?
We call the arms of a tree branches.

What grows on branches in spring?
Leaves grow on branches in spring.

Do dogs build nests?
No, dogs don't build nests, but birds build nests.

Why do most birds build nests?
Most birds build nests in order to lay their eggs in them.

What do most birds build their nests from?
Most birds build their nests from grass, small branches, leaves and sometimes feathers.

Where do most birds build their nests?
Most birds build their nests either in trees or in the grass.

Name me some other animals that build nests?
Some other animals that build nests are wasps.

Are wasps friendly animals?
No, wasps aren't friendly animals.

What kind of animal is the wasp?
The wasp is an insect.



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